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The Benefits of Membership!

If you want to make a difference in your life and the lives of those in your community, start with an organization that lives and breathes service- The Fraternal Order of Eagles.

The F.O.E. was founded in 1898 on a premise of proud, caring, People Helping People that understand the needs of the many will always outweigh the needs of the few. Our members are truly a family of brothers and sisters who work hard to better our communities and world. In times of joy and in times sorrow, your Eagle family is always there. Whether our time is spent at a meeting, enjoying the social room or washing dishes after a charity dinner, Eagle members carry a sense of pride knowing their time is well spent.

Simply put, we change lives for the better. Over the years, proud Eagles have quietly contributed millions of charity dollars to medical centers and causes ranging from heart disease to cancer. We help troubled youth, support the elderly, and uplift the less fortunate.

Today, we are more than 830,000 strong. Once you have joined, opportunities exist within the organization for members of all ages and interests. Take a look!


Each month, the Fraternal Order of Eagles offers the Soar bulletin, full of great news and information about the organization. Every issue is available online to members free of charge with special full-color editions mailed to every Eagle household each April and October.

The Memorial Foundation

Among the greatest benefits of membership with The Fraternal Order of Eagles is the Memorial Foundation. Since World War II, the Eagles have offered protection for the families of members through this one-of-a-kind safety net. If a member dies while performing their job or serving their country, his/her children are eligible to receive educational grants, medical benefits, dental benefits, optical care, hospitalization and psychiatric care. To date, the Memorial Foundation has assisted more than 3,000 kids with more than $2.5 million in benefits.

Memorial Foundation Brochure

Eagle Village

Eagle Village in Bradenton, Fla., is another valuable benefit of membership with the Eagles. Located just minutes from the white sand beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, this 26-acre complex features 85 single-bedroom units, a library, recreation center, pool, gym, shuffleboard, and a three-acre lake. Eagles with at least 10 years of continuous membership have the unique opportunity to settle down in retirement alongside other members at a peaceful living community. In the meantime, all members are eligible to rent a unit for a vacation get-away, depending upon availability.

Eagle Village Brochure

Joining the Fight Against Diabetes

We are proud to be developing The Fraternal Order of Eagles Diabetes Research Center at the University of Iowa - A $25 million commitment to cure diabetes once and for all. In 2008, the F.O.E. pledged to donate the money over five years to exclusively fund research that will help bring us closer to a cure for diabetes. We believe there is power in numbers and with the hard work and influence of our large membership base, we know we can bring an end to this disease which affects 30 million American and Canadian citizens on a daily basis. Join the Eagles today and be a part of the fight!

Affinity Programs for Members

We are building on membership benefits through new affinity programs. Already in place is a partnership which may provide members with significant discounts on auto, home and pet insurance. This exciting program brings a new level of member benefits to our growing organization.

The F.O.E. Grand Aerie continues to work hard to develop new and exciting programs and benefits to help our members make the most of their commitment to giving back. Stop by your club today and find out more about what the Eagles has to offer!

Eagle Riders

Eagle Riders offers members with an interest in motorcycle riding to organize and put together charitable events while doing what they love. Each year, Eagle Riders groups across the United States and Canada raise money through Poker Run events and other motorcycle activities that help unite community members and build a passion and appreciation for our surrounding landscapes.


R.E.A.C. (Retired Eagles Activities Club) offers members in retirement a chance to gather and fill their days with various activities and charitable efforts, making their golden years shine even brighter.

Junior Order of Eagles

The Junior Order of Eagles offers youth the chance to learn and uphold the principles and beliefs of The Fraternal Order of Eagles while beginning their philanthropic efforts at a young age. With the guidance of sponsors, J.O.E. clubs perform tasks within Aeries and hold various fundraisers to benefit local causes that affect or interest children.

Under-35 Club

The Under-35 Club offers younger members a chance to get together in their free time and hold fundraisers or activities that interest their peers and benefit causes close to those 35 years of age and under.

Join Us!

If you are interested in joining the Fraternal Order of Eagles please read the membership policy and fill out an application.


Join Us!

For well over 100 years, the Fraternal Order of Eagles has been a dynamic organization working simply to make life a bit better for others. Be a part of something great!