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26 East High St.  
Carlisle Pa. 17013 
Social Room

Member Application Policy

A new member's receipt for membership does not entitle them to any privileges in the Aerie/ Auxiliary. The applicant must visit the Eagles with a member until they are initiatied and pay their dues.  They are not required to be signed in provided they have their receipt with them. They are not permitted to buy drinks until they are initiated. They will be sent a letter and asked to come into the Aerie within 30 days (from application date) to be initiated. When they receive their membership card they will be given full member status.

Aerie #1299 Officers

for the term ending May 31, 2014
Office: Officer:
Jr Past Worthy President: James Gross
Worthy President: Donald E. Moffitt
Worthy Vice President: Joel Frownfelter
Worthy Chaplain: Mark Conklin
Secretary: Mark A. Bahr
Treasurer: Kenneth Spangler
Worthy Conductor: Vacant
Inside Guard: James Carey
Outside Guard: Vacant
Trustee: Robert Kistler
Trustee: Melvin L. Fry
Trustee: Mike Clepper
Manager: Kenneth Yohn


Auxiliary #1299 Officers

for the term ending May 31, 2014
Office: Officer:
Jr Past Madam President: Krista L. Uplinger
Madam President: Donna Coleman
Madam Vice President: Patricia A. Frownfelter
Madam Chaplain: Sylvia Clepper
Madam Conductor: Beverly A. Fraker
Madam Secretary: Elaine Regi
Madam Treasurer: Tammy A. Fisher
Madam Inside Guard: Rebecca L. Waddell
Madam Outside Guard: Diane M. Lehan
Madam Trustee: Kathy Palmer
Donna K. Stamm
Tommie L. Wolfe
Advisor: Arlene Graver
Auxiliary Mother Mary Ann Yohn

Notable Eagles from Carlisle #1299

Home Aerie Of: Officer:
PGWP, Past GA Secretary, Past PA State President, Aerie Auditor: Robert P. Wahls
PGWP, Past PA State President: Melvin L. Fry
Past PA State President: Kenneth G. Witt
Past PA State Auxiliary President: Tommie Wolfe
Past Eastern Regional Auxiliary President, PSMP, PMP: Arlene Graver
PA State Ladies Auxiliary President: Elaine Regi
PA State Aerie Trustee: Donald E. Moffitt
PA State Aerie Chaplain: Mike Clepper