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The F.O.E. Charity Foundation was organized to combine the many health care related funds, children’s charity funds and undesignated donations received by the Eagles each year in order to streamline administrative expenses and make giving easier. Aeries/Auxiliaries wishing to contribute to multiple charities may do so via one check to help make giving easier.

The Charity Foundation consists of the Diabetes Research Center and special projects such as the Grand Worthy President’s Project, Grand Madam President’s Project and the projects of individual State/Provincial Presidents. Additionally, there is a Circle of Life program, added in 2005 to answer the need of many members who fully believe in the Eagles, but may not have the opportunity to participate in the many activities held to raise funds for our charities. Each member is eligible to be a Circle of Life patron by contributing a donation through their participating Aerie or Auxiliary to the Charity Foundation. The member will then receive a sticker to attach to their dues receipt designating the member as a Circle of Life patron. States and provinces receive credit for the individual contributions towards their annual contributions. The Circle of Life money proceeds as well as undesignated contributions will be used to fund the humanitarian programs for which the Fraternal Order of Eagles is so well known.

Each year at the Eagles’ International Convention, regional conferences and special events such as the institution of new Aeries and Auxiliaries, grants will be made to local communities. These grants are funded by a portion of the money provided from local aeries and auxiliaries and the Circle of Life donations.

Max Baer Heart Fund 
Director: William M. "Bill" Isaacs,(321) Dayton, OH
Max Baer Info
Robert W. Hansen Diabetes Fund 
Director: Greg Martin, (150) Burlington, IA
Robert W. Hanson Info
Art Ehrmann Cancer Fund
Director: Kenneth Zavadil, Jr., (2753) Laporte, TX
Art Ehrmann Info
D.D. Dunlap Kidney Fund 
Director: Gordon Browning, (3559) Knoxville, TN
D. D. Dunlap Info
Jimmy Durante Children’s Fund and Child Abuse Fund 
Director: Greg Colburn,(8) San Jose, CA
Jimmy Durante Info
Children’s AIDS Awareness Fund
Lew Reed Spinal Cord Injury Fund 
Director: James G. "Jim" Donaldson,(2051) Wellington, OH
Lew Reed Info
M. “Blackie” Floyd Alzheimer’s and the Parkinson’s Funds 
Director: Kenneth Witt, (1299) Carlisle, PA
"Blackie" FLoyd Info
Golden Eagle Fund
Director: Kenneth Witt, (1299) Carlisle, PA
Golden Eagle Info
Disaster Relief Fund
The Disaster Relief Fund is designed to support a first-response program for natural disaster situations in the United States and Canada. Trailers equipped with basic emergency needs — water, first aid supplies, food, etc. – are operated locally and available for distribution when necessary. The semis will be fully funded and managed by Eagle Members. Contributions to the Disaster Relief Fund are utilized to pay for stocking the trailers, licensing, insurance and maintenance and decals.
Please note that all trailers are now controlled by individual entities which have the authority to dispatch them.
Disaster Relief Info